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Brother Jesse Franks, III
J. T's Song

"I will meet you in the morning, meet you in the morning. Just inside the Eastern Gate over there, over there. Oh I will meet you in the morning, meet you in the morning. I will meet you in the morning over there, over there!"

Every night before J.T. went to sleep we would sing this song. This tradition began in 1982 and included his younger sister De. When De went home to be with the Lord, he said that De "beat" us there and we would have to live a saved life so that we could "meet" her there.

On November 30, 1994 at 5:45 a.m., J.T. felt he had uttered everything he needed to say in his lifetime. In addition, as promised he had given me my birthday present by being here. He gently rubbed his face in his sister's presence and entered into his pre-sleep. While no longer able to verbalize, he indicated he could still hear us by fluttering his eyelids. When we individually expressed our love to him, he shed a tear. He took forceful breaths in order to be able to visit with all who had come to see him that day. At 8:03 p.m. J.T. was still trying to speak. He mouthed the words "Mom" during his last three forceful breaths. His father held him, as his breathing became shallow. At 8:05 his sister felt his neck pulse and said, "I love you." Everything had finally come into full circle. J.T. went to meet De 'just inside the Eastern Gate over there." I will forever sing our bedtime song to remind myself that I must continue on in the Lord in order to meet them there.

"Good night Jim Bob, I will meet you there!"


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