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Greetings from
Immanuel Temple Apostolic Church
Where the Lord is blessing us, even right now!

Pastor & the Elect Lady Franks If you are looking for a place, to call your home
If all over this city, your soul has roamed

If you're searching for a ministry, where your praise can be free
Or you're looking for a family, with whom yourself you can be...

Immanuel is such a place, the anointing does rest here
When you walk through the door, you'll know the Lord is near
You can jump and run, or just worship if you choose
Just visit Immanuel Temple, you have nothing to lose

It is a house of restoration, where the weak is made strong
And a house of forgiveness, where God corrects your wrong
This is a love church, it flows from breast to breast
It is in this place, the weary and the worn find rest

The Word of God is preached, like thunder from the sky
Bidding souls to come, for time is drawing nigh

So we welcome you to join us, at any time
And we pray that what you're looking for
You most happily will find!

3131 Market Street, San Diego, California 92102
(619) 239-4773

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